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See How iPod Touches Are Being Used In Schools

Better Grades: There's an App for That
An article about the Escondido, California school district, their integration of iPod Touches in the classroom, and the drastic improvements seen with students as a result.
Better Grades Article

Educators at all levels are exploring the use of iPods in education. This video will give the viewer a taste of the many educational uses for an iPod Classic.
iPods in Education

This is a short, student-created video showing a solution to our current education problems in America.

A film about iPods as useful tools and even adaptations in a Special Ed classroom. This classroom is at Special School District of Saint Louis County.
iPods in Special Education

iPod Touch 3G a Guided Tour
iPod 3rd Generation Guided Tour

All about the features of this new device.
iPod Guided Tour part 1
iPod Guided Tour part 2

iRead is a group of teachers in Escondido Union School District dedicated to the idea that digital audio can be a powerful learning tool for all students.
Escondido iRead Site

Exemplary Teachers:
Apple in Education Site
Kathy Shirley
Maria Knee

Presentation Tool:
Prezi Site