Things to think About Including in your Prezi:

  • Group Members, Schools in which you work

  • Grade level/ age of students targeted

  • Names of Apps to be Used (if project idea is not finalized, please mention some potential apps that you could envision using in your practice, or ones you'd like to search for or create)

  • What learning outcomes this project helps you address

  • How does this tool enhance what you are already doing in your practice (if you don't currently have regular access to iPods, how do you see it enhancing your practice)?

  • Possible pros and cons to the incorporation of iPods

  • If you've been able to use iPods with your students, how has it worked, and what would you do differently?

  • If you have access to iPods, do you feel what you learned was beneficial?

  • If a continuation of the course were offered, what would you like to learn next?

To Create Prezi Account:
Go to Prezi site
Click on the Sign Up tab, and choose a username and password (one account needed per project)